School bus

A comfortable and safe drive is ensured to all our children. Each driver is experienced and is assisted by female attenders during the pickup and drop.


Our infirmary is readily available for students in times of their unforeseen sickness. We deeply care for our children and hence take utmost care to ensure the facility is kept hygienic without any compromise.

Smart board

All our classrooms are smart board enabled. It helps children in interactive audio-visual learning which brings the lesson alive along with increasing learning retention.


To get together for our Annual Day celebrations, to organise a Seminar for parents, various exhibitions or even Inter-school competitions, our vast Auditorium is well utilised to add a charm to every occasion.

Day care centre

For all the working parents, one reason they no longer have to worry about is of their children’s whereabouts after school. Our daycare is fully equipped to keep them safe, sound and occupied until they return from work.

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