Science & Technology

For the hands-on learning of simple to the complex understanding of science, we have brought together fully functioning and well-equipped laboratories across subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer.


Besides text book learning, there’s profound importance that we lay in encouraging students to reap the fruits of reading fiction, non-fiction, reference books, dailies and magazines, through our easily accessible, and exhaustively equipped school library. This rich collection is updated regularly and students are encouraged to enhance their reading skills from an early age.


A healthy body is as important as a healthy mind. Hence, we believe in inculcating the importance of physical activities from as early an age as possible. We have a host of indoor and outdoor games – such as chess, carrom, table-tennis, volleyball, badminton, throwball, football and cricket.

Mobile Planetarium

Visual learning takes the cake in this generation. Mobile Planetarium is an inflatable do me that allows vivid computer-generated images to be projected inside making learning, a fun experience. This is organised across grades, keeping in consideration the level of each student’s understanding. Complex concepts such as astronomy, planets, lunar phases, galaxies, the evolution of stars, etc become so much easier to understand!

Educational Field trips

Field trips are an integral part of the school program. They provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. thereby helping in broadening their experience and also in making the subject concepts more relevant.

Coaching classes

To fortify the preparation of our students to face the high standard of the Grade X BoardExaminations, we organise rigorous coaching classes before and after school hours – in order to prepare them to excel in their academics. Our team of well qualified and experienced teachers along with subject experts fine-tune our students at this crucial juncture of their schooling.

Preprimary activity room

The activity room is designed in such a manner that it stimulates a desire for learning. It’s a multi-sensory experience through the play way method.



Scientific studies have proved music to play a vital role in the cognitive development of a child. We hence encourage singing classes as a part of our preprimary and the primary sections. 


As a means for self-expression to be developed from as early on as possible, Theatre classes for the primary and middle school students have been incorporated to make way for creativity – that help even the academics.

Performing Arts

To focus, align and coordinate, we encourage the training of dance, that helps prepare them in for the better reception to movement in general, and education too.

Art and Craft

An appreciation for design and colours is inculcated at a very young age through our art and crafts classes.

Fun Trips

Picnics are organised for the students of Pre-KG to Grade X. They make a major contribution to physical and environmental education and enhance many other curriculum areas. They contribute not just to personal growth but also bring about social awareness and develops skills for life – such as a sense of responsibility and social behaviour.

Club Activity

Club activities bring out the individual interests of each child, by giving a conducive environment to hone their skills and interests. We have Literature club, Science and Eco club, Music club, Art club, Media club, Sports club and Dance club. This endeavour supplements academics and gives an opportunity to the students to explore their talents.


Excursions are carefully planned as part of the educational program. They enrich the student’s outlook and give them an opportunity to learn to become self-dependent.


The NCC girl’s battalion in our school focuses on improving the personality of our cadets and equips them with leadership skills. Our Cadets are taught about weapons, map reading, compass using and other military related tactics.

Motivational Session

After years of protected learning and living environment surrounded by teachers and close-knit support group, the outgoing students now have to take a giant leap into the real world. As we understand their vulnerability, we support them by organising a series of motivational sessions conducted by professional transformational coaches.

After School Activities

Post school time, the students still have a major portion of their day to explore. To fill their plate with many options, we have many activities offered to them in order to leave no stone unturned to see them shine!

Karate classes

A fun way of teaching our student’s the importance of focus, strength, discipline and self-defense


Skating is the most fun work out for our children. It is equivalent to jogging but has an added advantage of not exerting pressure on the joints. 

Guitar and violin classes

Guitar and violin classes are also available for students who are musically inclined. Learning a musical instrument has proven to improve the memory, strengthen the concentration capacity and to be a good emotional outlet.

Keyboard Classes
Music and Dance

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