We believe

In investing time, energy and efforts into making every student’s ‘present’ worthwhile, for them to look forward to a promising ‘future’. We strive each day to provide myriad of avenues for the students to explore their interests, hone them and set themselves to fly.

We are

An institution that brings together the spirit of a family, the goodness of sharing knowledge and the importance of living in a stress-free surrounding, both children and their respective parents grow together along with us – with many dreams, hopes and expectations, of making their child a responsible citizen of the country. Our value system ensures ‘living it right’ over ‘making it big’, as the journey is more meaningful only when we prioritise becoming a good human being over everything else. Hence, we at St. Mira’s endeavour to:

– Encourage

– Nurture

– Appreciate

– Better

– Love

– Educate

E N A B L E a wholistic growth for every child.


The Message from Head of the School

Being the head of the school is about being the head of a big family. Today’s education is all about “Education for life”. The biggest challenge most schools face is discipline, time management and moral values. I firmly believe it is during the first few years of education that children are open for changes and can be molded.

We as educators should work towards providing a learning environment that caters to developing the required skills to make children “World Ready”. The world not only needs well-educated and intelligent people, but also people who are courageous and compassionate. It would be our constant endeavor to make a difference in every child’s life by instilling great values to make them a better human being.

My commitment as an educator stems from the belief that ‘Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them leaves an impression’. It is indeed a meaningful experience to be able to decide what impressions we leave on our students. It gives me a great sense of hope.

A school is a portal which our children pass through before they take charge of their lives.

We live in a rapidly changing world. We have to move with the time. I do believe that we need to equip our students to face the challenging times. Our children need to stand head and shoulders above the rest to keep up with the fast paced world.

Today, parents face a two-sided dilemma-does the success of a child depend on the marks card or personality? In all honesty, I would say both. A good marks card will secure a seat in a good college and a smart personality catapults the child to a bright future.

We at St. Mira’s High School cater to this dual requirement .We provide a sound academic foundation and ensure that the students are given ample opportunities to develop smart skills.

We assure you that we will transform our students to bright, confident and wholesome individuals. We will endow them with qualities that will act as a springboard for them to soar to great heights.

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