St.Mira's - Rajaji Nagar Branch

We at Rajaji Nagar believe, in individual attention and care as the most important tools towards bringing success and overall development of our kids. We provide an array of facilities for the students and are constantly excited each day to witness them making a difference in our students’ life.


1st to 10th: ICSE

8th to 10th: ICSE and State Syllabus also available

Rajaji Nagar Principal’s message:

“Education today is like a specimen in the science laboratory. It is being dissected and analysed constantly. It is presented under new labels, with new methodologies, new goals and new priorities.

Most unexpected things happen these days and are soon taken as a matter of course. Today’s culture is shock-proof and quickly absorbs the unusual into its blood stream. I would prefer to say “Where there is a vision there is a way” instead of “Where there is a way”. After all it is a vision that leads to action and action identifies the person. At St Mira’s we strive for an all-round development. We have an ambience to facilitate the development of talents and focus on the learning of skills.”