Science and Technology

We are thoroughly equipped with a Science Lab with segregated portions for Physics, Chemistry & Biology equipments and specimens.


Besides text book learning, there’s profound importance that we lay in encouraging students to reap the fruits of reading fiction, non-fiction, reference books, dailies and magazines, through our easily accessible, and exhaustively equipped school library. This rich collection is updated regularly and students are encouraged to enhance their reading skills from an early age.


Although we do not have a playground yet, we ensure that we compensate it adequately by providing wide range of opportunities as well as scope to play, in a playground nearby.

Mobile Planetarium

Visual learning takes the cake in this generation. Mobile Planetarium is an inflatable dome that allows vivid computer generated images to be projected inside making learning, a fun experience. This is organised across grades, keeping in consideration the level of each student’s understanding. Complex concepts such as astronomy, planets, lunar phases, galaxies, evolution of stars, etc become so much easier to understand!

Educational Field trip

Field trips are an integral part of the school program. They provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, thereby helping in broadening their experience and also in making the subject concepts more relevant.

Coaching classes

To fortify the preparation of our students to face the high standard of the Grade X Board Examinations, we organise rigorous coaching classes before and after school hours – in order to prepare them to excel in their academics. Our team of well qualified and experienced teachers along with subject experts fine-tune our students at this crucial juncture of their schooling.

Activity Room & Montessori Room

The Activity Room is for the children of Pre-kg to Grade 5. Montessori activities will help strengthen the fine and gross motor skills of the child specially designed for the kindergarten section.


Dance Classes

To inculcate the sense and appreciation of art, we have dance classes incorporated in our curriculum. The ability to follow instructions, tune the body to a rhythmic movement and improve focus should be incorporated at a very young age

Art and Craft

The art and craft classes help the students to work creatively and intelligently. They develop an appreciation for design and colours.

Fun Trip

Picnics are organized for the students of Pre-KG to Grade X. They make a major contribution to physical appreciation for education and in turn enhance many other curriculum areas along with them. It not just contributes to personal growth but also increases the social awareness.


S Excursions are carefully planned as part of the educational program. They enrich the student’s outlook and give them an opportunity to learn to become self-dependent.


The NCC girl’s battalion in our school focuses on improving the personality of our cadets and equips them with leadership skills. Our Cadets are taught about weapons, map reading, compass using and other military related tactics.